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Morrisville Heating and Air is locally owned and operated by Mike Frady. He brings more than 26 years of experience to the company while being a Trane Comfort specialist. Mike takes pride in that he is involved with the quotes, installation, repair and maintenance of his customers.


Some of our customers prefer to do their own troubleshooting before calling us. The HVAC troubleshooting guide below is to assist those customers in performing the initial troubleshooting of the problem.

Question: Is the unit making a loud noise?
Answer: Turn it off and call Morrisville Heating and Air.

Question: Are you not getting any cool air?
Answer: Check your filter. If it is dirty, clean or replace it with a clean one. The unit cannot cool properly if the filter is dirty as this prevents proper airflow across the evaporator coil. If the problem still persists, call Morrisville Heating and Air.

Question: Is your heat pump or air conditioner not operating?
Answer: If not, check the switches on the thermostat to ensure that it is turned on and then check the circuit breakers to the heating and cooling units on your home circuit breaker panel. Reset the circuit breakers and verify the unit is on at the thermostat. Still not working? Check if there is an emergency cut-off switch located outside by the condensing unit. Reset the emergency cut-off switch. Turn the unit on at the thermostat. If it still is not working- Call Morrisville Heating and Air.

Question: Do you see ice on the unit?
Answer: If you see ice forming on the condensing unit or the air handler, please turn the unit to the off position but leave the fan turned on to aid in the thawing of ice on the unit. Call Morrisville Heating and Air for further assistance. Icing on the unit typically means that you are low on refrigerant, which may be a signal the unit leaking refrigerant. After the unit thaws, you may be able to turn it back on and operate it for awhile until the unit ices up again. This can be helpful to allow you to get some cool air prior to our arrival. We cannot work on an unit that is frozen, so please do allow any ice to melt by turning the unit off as described prior to our arrival.

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